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Market Guide : Major existing markets in Igboland

Market Guide : Major existing markets in Igboland - the south east, oil mill market, market guide, market, Major, Guide, existing markets

By Uchenna Ezeadigwe

There are so many existing popular markets in Nigeria particularly in South-east with something that sets them apart from the others. People of all works of life depends on these markets for every household needs. Sellers and buyers meet on daily basis to meet one another’s needs. in the South-east region are mainly made up of lively buyers and sellers, and the Nigerian traditional setting is utterly fascinating. The average Nigerian covers a vast land mass and is always busy. Usually, you can find virtually anything you want within any of these markets, ranging from cash crops, groceries, building materials, electronics to arts and crafts.

Almost every state in Nigeria has a that gives it popularity, however, Orient seeks to examine the ones existing among regions.

Onitsha market

Onitsha main market in Anambra State is not a market for the Igbo-speaking peoples of Nigeria alone, it is an international market frequented by all Nigerians and Africans in general. This market is known as the West Africa’s “commercial powerhouse,” traders and consumers from various parts of the continent troop to Onitsha market to buy all manners of but today, Onitsha is largely known for Imported clothing both new and second-hand ones; jewellery, shoes, traditional costumes, house hold utensils, phone accessories and gadgets and other sundry items that cater to the needs of the Nigerian masses. In terms of size, Onitsha market is one of the biggest in Nigeria, giving it ample room to accommodate its extensive number of visitors daily.

You can also find any type of computer products and accessories, electronics, DVDs/blue-ray discs, mobile phones, iPads, laptops, and PCs of all brands at the Computer Village. Computer and mobile devices from countries such as the US, China, Japan, and other nations find their ways down to Nigeria via Computer Village in Lagos. Beyond this, computer technicians, software engineers, mobile phone repairers, electronics dealers and all computer experts and businessmen dominate the market. This market can be compared to the Alaba International Market when it comes to computer and electronics products in the country.

New market, Enugu

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There are several markets in Enugu metropolis but new market is most reputable when it comes to consumable products. Hundreds of trucks and trailers from northern Nigeria converge in this market every week to offload all things food – beans, rice, garri, groundnuts, dried maize, dried fish, dried meat, food ingredients, yams, pepper, tomatoes, and every kind of food item you can imagine among Igbo people. The new market is in lined stalls, and sections of stalls are dedicated to particular food items; especially food items that has to do with local varieties as Enugu state is known to have different types of local foods and so on. One can also have access to travel to any part of the state in this market.

Ariaria market, Aba

Ariaria international market in Aba, Abia State is often well thought-out as the “China of Africa” or the home of “made in Nigeria” because you can get virtually every version of foreign products made in Nigeria. The Ariaria market is currently seen as one national asset that can turn the country’s economic fortunes around.

Textiles, shoe manufacturing and locally homemade utensils are largely produced in this market. What this means is that local versions of foreign products are produced within the country and sold in this market, from electronics to fabrics to everything in-between. While anyone might be tempted to think that the products sold in this market are cheap and inferior to their foreign counterparts, it will surprise you that these products work nearly well as imported products in terms of performance and longevity.

Owerri Int’l market

Currently the largest and most valuable ultramodern market in Igbo land. The Imo Int’l Modern Market, Naze Nekede, Owerri, Imo State is the pride of Ndigbo. In this market various commodities can be found ranging from local foods to imported ones. Also, there are various places where you can buy clothes, shoes, jewelleries at affordable price, mostly those brought in from Aba, the china house of Africa. The market known for its large area, can accommodate a good number of businesses like building materials.

Another unique market is the neatness of the environment; there are relevant bodies put in place to ensure the cleanliness of the environment.

, Port Harcourt

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Primarily known for: Local food items, the was meant to open once a week on Wednesdays. And while Wednesday its still its busiest day, the market now runs daily to cater to the number of visitors it receives who are looking to buy its traditional tuber commodities or other food stuff.

While is it possible to purchase anything from this market, it is largely known for souvenirs such as dyed fabrics, sculptures, carved stones, woods, beaded and jewellery which tourists would sure find fascinating. It is also possible to purchase food items and fresh groceries and even live cattle from Oil Mill market.

Eke Imoha, Ezza

Eke Imoha is no doubt one of the oldest and biggest markets in Ezza area of Ebonyi State. The market has attracted major national and international clients in and outside the country. People from all walks of patronize this market to buy rich agricultural products. No wonder, Onueke is regarded as the ancestral headquarters of the Ezza; the people prefer to visit this market because of the big size and goods at affordable prices.

Some of the top products available in this market cut across; yams, cassava, rice, cocoyams and other food crops in large quantity. The Ezza people produce some of these food crops and market to customers at affordable prices. The people are noted for producing good quality of farm produce; some of them engage in farming as their occupation; that’s why on their market day; crowd troop in and out of the market to purchase one thing or the other.

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