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14 governors can’t pay salaries

14 governors can’t pay salaries - internal revenue generation

There are strong indications that 14 state governors would not be able to meet vital financial obligations following the deadlock in the Federal Allocation Committee meeting.
As at today, it is alleged that 14 states currently owe workers’ salaries for June, following delay in disbursement of funds from the centre.

The situation has also been made worse by poor internal revenue generation (IGR) mechanism and over-bloated civil service structure put in place by some of the governors.

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  • June,12 declaration as democracy day is honestly unnecessary. To my own view it was an act of autocratic measures taken to suppress the will of God. We all know that whatever that is not the will of God can come up like forceful flood and then be put to rest by the unseen forces. Therefore there is no way one can associate it with democracy. Anyway it could go into a tribalism book of history

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