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Igbo group calls for self-defence against herdsmen

Igbo group calls for self-defence against herdsmen - the coalition, saying that nigeria, Igbo, Herdsmen, group, defend themselves against, and other

By YolamchiUkaga, Umuahia

of South-East Youth Leaders (COSEYL) has urged Nigerians to attack by or Fulani elements, saying that Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians.

They condemned the 30-day ultimatum issued by of Northern Groups (CNG)-led by one Abdul Azeez Suleiman to the federal government to implement Ruga settlement project in the 36 states of the federation, describing the order as an insult on Nigerians.

They called on Northern leaders and security agencies to arrest members of the and their sponsors to serve as deterrent to other notorious elements from inciting other ethnic nationalities in the country. “If the federal government and northern leaders fail to arrest them, then we will know that they are in support of their activities.

The COSEYL in a statement signed by Chief Goodluck Ibem, its president general, called on the CNG not to play with fire. “We want to remind them that nobody has monopoly of violence. We call on them to withdraw such unguarded utterances, which is an invitation to anarchy.

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“We will have taken the CNG serious, if they had giving an ultimatum to the Federal government to ensure that federal character was followed in the appointment of supreme Court and Court of Appeal judges, the sharing of principal positions in the 9th National Assembly, the appointment of security chiefs federal appointments.

“The threat by Abdul Azeez Suleiman is not only a threat to southerners resident in the North, but a threat to the sovereignty of Nigeria. This threat is a clear act of treason and should be treated as such, anything less is an aberration.

“It is disheartening to note that when other countries of the world are talking about technological innovations and inventions, industrialization, the Nigerian government is talking about Ruga settlement, for Fulani , which is a personal business of few groups of persons that has no impact on the economy”.

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They alleged that Ruga is simply an attempt by the federal government to grab lands from original land owners for the resettlement of Fulani herdsmen in other to facilitate the Fulanisation and Islamisation of the country.

“We demand for immediate cancellation of the Ruga settlement policy, because it is a gross violation of our constitution and Supreme Court verdict on the land use Act.

The federal government lacks the power to take people’s land forcefully. We need to remind the government that we are in a democratic dispensation and not a military regime”, they stated.

They urged Igboand other Nigerians to any act of violence or attack, saying that Nigeria belonged to all Nigerians.


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