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Anambra police refutes assault allegation on fire man

Anambra police refutes assault allegation on fire man - said that agbili, Police Command, police, mohammed said that, Fire, Anambra State, anambra


By O’star Eze


Anambra State has refuted the recent social media write-up alleging that its men recently assaulted the State Director of Anambra State Service in the presence of his wife and children describing the report as false and misleading.

Sharing its own side of the story, the through its Public Relations Officer, SP Haruna Agbili, who is also the state chairman of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) insisted on driving through a barrier in front of Commissioner of ’ office around 9 pm last Friday, and when the prevented him, explaining that it was not possible for security reasons, he became hostile and started raining insults on the officers while his wife was screaming and recording the incident with her cell phone .

Agbili also called other service personnel who came with their trucks and barricaded the area leading to governor’s lodge and that it took the intervention of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (operations) who came to the scene to quell the situation and get the service trucks removed.


“The real fact in issue was that on the 10/5/2019 at about 9pm, a man later identified as Mr Martin Agbili drove his vehicle towards the barrier of the State Command headquarters and insisted that he must pass through the barrier despite being told by the Police men on duty that motorists were not allowed to pass through the barrier at night due to security reasons.

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“Instead of adhering to their explanation, the Man became hostile and started raining insults on the Police officers and threatened that he would teach them a lesson while his wife was shouting and video-taping them.

“Consequently, he called other fire Service personnels who came with a fire service truck and barricaded the road completely there by creating a scene and serious traffic congestion at the junction leading to governor’s lodge.

“It took the intervention of the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations who arrived the scene and cautioned the Man before he ordered his Men to remove the fire service truck from the road and restored normalcy in the Area,” the PPRO stated.

He enjoined members of the public to disregard the report which he described as an attempt to cast aspersions on the .

However, reacting to the police report on the matter in a phone interview with Orient Daily, Agbili in turn described the police side of the story as false and an attempt to stifle the truth. He said that he was yet to make an official statement on the matter while confirming the social media side of the story as the truth. He said he has been summoned by the commissioner of police after which he would make an official statement.

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“I have been following what has been written on social media about the incident that happened between me and the police and all they wrote on social media is true. I have not said anything since that incident happened. I have also seen the lies the police have written about the incident. Those present when the incident occurred will attest to the truth. I have received an invitation from the commissioner of police today (Monday). I have nothing to say but all I know is that at the end the truth shall prevail,” he said.

It would be recalled that a certain report has been making rounds on social media that Engr Martin Agbili had an altercation with members of the police force close to the command and was assaulted by the policemen in front of his wife.



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