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All-girls cult group on the loose in Delta as police tighten noose

All-girls cult group on the loose in Delta as police tighten noose - the loose, the cult groups, group, girls, female cult groups, cult group, cult

By Nosa Akenzua Asaba

A new , “Red Devil ” currently operating in Delta state, especially in Asaba and other major cities, is on . The , it was gathered, has mainly female members with its mandate as “a revenge mission.”

It is said to have initiated over 50 teenage , many of whom still in the secondary school and attracted with mouth-water­ing offers, including protection against attack from anybody, particularly non-members.

The 15-year-old leader of the group [name withheld], spoke to journalists in Asaba on Mon­day boasting that “I am just 15 years, I can move anything else; we are the latest group in Delta state. We don’t kill people, but we beat any man or woman who looks for our troubles. I am a student of (name of school withheld). I have over ten girls serving me and they are my aides. As matter of fact, there are over nine female gangs in Asaba town; our own group stands out to fight injustice in Asaba. We deal with men who are not careful with women. The nine others [ groups] are deadly and can kill anyone who dares them on their rights. The groups include Trigger girls, Vice queen, F-tibi, White Angels, JVC-Junior Vikings, Pink ladies, Blue Birds, Red sea, Bad dragon and Red Devil Girls. We all use the same spot for initiation and inside thick forest inside Saint Patrick’s Church including other selected bushy areas and uncom­pleted buildings scattered all over the town or in abandoned school blocks,”.

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Within her school alone, she confirmed that many of co-exist, each running their gangs independent of the others with aggressive drive for recruitment of girls.

New recruits are allegedly subjected to payment of N5,000, depending on the gang, while weekly dues are paid on renew­able fee of N400 with oath -tak­ings to”keep secrets, secrets”.

On the average, each gang has as few as four members or more, while some as many as 100 in both private and public second­ary schools with special uniforms designed with symbol of the , glaringly showing battle axes and knives of dangers.

But the police commissioner in the state, Mustafa Muhammad, who spoke to journalists in Asaba on Monday, confirmed that the police had beefed up security across the state, adding “security reports clearly show that are on in the state, We have also placed them on the watch and will bring them to book. Recently, the police detectives and anti-cultism team attached to the state police command arrested four female suspected cultists in Abraka and, upon interrogation, she made useful statements to the police while investigation is ongoing, The suspects are still being detained for further investigation and will be charged to court on completion of investigation, The police are closely monitoring the groups and we will bring them to book soon”

In Asaba and environs, Red Devils Girls cultists allegedly beat up men who have deliber­ately under-rated them, especial­ly while wooing them for rela­tionship and their subsequent refusal. Last week, the Delta state government through the state commissioner for basic and secondary education, Mr. Chiedu Ebie, warned parents against allowing their children to be part of illicit activities, particularly cult groups, saying that any student caught in the web of cultism, would be expelled. But the warning seems to have fallen on deaf ears as investigation revealed that almost 40 percent of the public schools in the state have membership of various cult groups. According to the com­missioner, “the state government will expel any student male or female caught in the web of cult­ism. Parents should call any of their children suspected to be in­volved in cultism to order before he or she will be expelled from the school. We have the informa­tion that there are within secondary schools. We have instructed principals of various schools to keep their eyes open and fish out those involved in the activities”.

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