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Man stabs technician over disconnection

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Oluwadamilare Temenu, 22 – year- old , is presently in police custody for allegedly stabbing a with , Oluwaseyi Amao, supply to his residence at No. 13 Adesanya Street, in the Mafoluku area of Oshodi , Lagos State.

Amao alleged that he had gone to Temenu’s residence with his colleague, Yusuf Tunde, to execute a disconnection order by the management of , an electricity distribution company, which had marked some flats in the building for disconnection unpaid bills , where they were attacked by the suspect.

He said that he had given the residents a month’s grace to pay their outstanding bills before going for the disconnection. He said he did not expect that any of them would attack him supply to his apartment despite owing N 300,000 .

“We were given a disconnection order to execute at No13 Adesanya Street, Mafoluku , Oshodi, last Thursday . The building has four flats; one flat has a prepaid meter, while the remaining three are on estimated billing; but we were given a disconnection order on the two flats with over N 200, 000 and N 100, 000 debts, respectively.

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“Before that day , I had visited the house for disconnection last month and one of the residents , the one using prepaid meter, had pledged to speak with the others to pay their debts , because it was only one wire that supplies power to the four flats. If we cut off the wire , the whole flats will be affected , including the one with prepaid meter, but they still refused to pay .

“So, on the day I was instructed to execute the disconnection order , I explained to the residents, including the guy who stabbed me , that I was there the previous month and that since they had refused to clear their outstanding bills , I had been instructed to disconnect power supply to their apartment . He never argued with me, but I was surprised that he said I was looking for trouble when he saw me climbing the pole.

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“All of a sudden , he went inside his flat , brought out a crate of bottles and broke two bottles. I quickly jumped down and he chased after me and stabbed me. He first stabbed me in the neck and head; to avoid more harm, I held him tightly and told my colleague, Tunde, to inform our other colleagues to bring a vehicle so that we could take him to the police station.

He said that his other colleagues eventually brought a vehicle, which conveyed Temenu to the police station while he went to a nearby clinic to treat his wounds.

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