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Nigerian prison authority cracks down on narcotics use by inmates

Nigerian prison authority cracks down on narcotics use by inmates - will not, Prison, inmates, hard drugs, and other intoxicants, Abuja

By Cyril Mbah, 

The comptroller gener­al of Nigeria Service, [NPS] Ja’afaru Ahmed has stated that detainees and staff of the service be allowed to peddle or use in the numerous detention centres in the country saying that adequate measures have been put in place to detect those involved in such nefarious activities.

Ahmed, who made the dec­laration while addressing a sensitisation workshop against drugs use organised for staff and some in said the prison high command discovered that unscrupulous staff deliberately compromise prison security by supplying to detainees.

He recalled that recently three gullible junior prison officers, who were allegedly caught smuggling prohibited substanc­es capable of compromising security into the Prison yards, were summarily dismissed on the approval of the minister of interior, General Abdulrahman Dambazau.

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Ahmed said the attitude of the affected officers namely Samaila Inusa, Jonathan Ibrahim and Adamu Jethro, be toler­ated from other staff and he also reminded detainees that use of hard drugs including cigarettes creates severe health risks such as tuberculosis and other infec­tious diseases for .

The prisons boss wondered why correctional officers who are trained to properly super­vise inmates resort to secretly smuggling illicit items such as Indian hemp (cannabis), alcohol daily into the prisons and sell to detainees for consumption.

He warned that the illegal business must stop henceforth and disclosed that disciplinary committees have been set-up in prison formations to deal sum­marily with officers found to be providing such drugs.

He said that apart from fu­eling indiscipline and creating health hazard among inmates, access to cannabis have contributed to a number of prison riots and jailbreaks recorded in the past, thus jeopardizing security of lives and property of innocent personnel and peaceful inmates including the larger society. He warned incorrigible personnel who engage in the drug business that stiffer punishment which includes dismissal and prosecu­tion awaits anyone found guilty of compromising standards and good conduct expected of a cor­rectional officer.

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