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The grape vine razzmatazz

The grape vine razzmatazz

In the last few weeks, the political terrain in state has dramatically changed. Tension has been high and the atmosphere charged. Political gladiators and party flag bearers are already bestriding the political space in the field, applying all forms of theatrics to draw voters’ attention to their parties and curry their votes. The voters are usually the beautiful bride at this period. It is a period of mudslinging and no-holds- barred rhetoric. The campaigns have suddenly dovetailed into a nail-biting, edge-of-the-chair campaign that took on the taste of gall for most participants. It is not abnormal that no stone would be left unturned; rocks might even fly in whatever directions. The means is no longer a factor but the end, as the spirit of do or die overtakes man’s value senses.

Just last week an incident at Tarzan junction claimed two lives. It was alleged it happened at the behest of the APC during their flag-off campaign rally at Onitsha same day. The rumour mongers went to town alleging the incumbent had unleashed his Aguleri brothers on Tony Nwoye. Before the dust could settle, claims and counter-claims began to fly and the millers were in for a bumper harvest. The two parties involved took vantage positions and prepared to unleash mayhem. Oops, it was the handiwork of rumour mongers.

Last Saturday, October 26, political pundits woke up to yet another fascinating but mindboggling story on the assassination attempt on the life of Tony Nwoye, the APC flag bearer in the November 2017 elections. The social media, which is turning out to be a home for fake and half-baked news, hijacked the story. of the promoters even posted pictures of an incident that had no bearing with any political party rally. The APC flag bearer was said to have been attacked at a rally in Omor, Ayamelum. It was alleged that gun-wielding thugs fired direct gunshots at him and even mentioned Ike Okolo as the mastermind behind the assassination attempt, while, in actual fact, Nwoye was, at the , heading to Sports Club Enugu to continue his campaign rally.

Enter Oseloka Obaze and his campaign team. They had alleged, during the week, that a high court sitting in Abuja had directed that the incumbent governor of the state, Chief Willie Obiano, would no longer be eligible to contest the governorship election, having granted Agbaso his prayers to stop him. This rumour sent many opponents in the elections to the beer parlours in wanton celebrations only to be disappointed it was a fake news. The news, it was alleged, emanated from the ranks of the PDP which, indeed, was forced to withdraw the damaging information with an apology.

Put on your seat belts as we continue to serve you with more of these juicy rumours to lighten your day. It is the side attraction of the 2017 guber.

Enjoy your weekend.


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