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From fashion week coverage and the best dressed stars on the red carpet, to what’s chic on the streets and trends to watch out for this season from Orientdailynews

With Miriam Chukwuma When your natural hair needs a break from the elements and the strain of everyday styling and blow drying, braids or weave can be the ultimate alternative.  Perming and styling your hair can cause extreme breakage and damage to...

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Tattoos : as fashion?

During the era of slavery, slave masters needed to identify their slaves among the lot. This led them to inscribe marks on their slaves for easy identification...


Sagging as fashion for men

With Chidimma Unaigwe Sagging is predominantly a male fashion. “Sagging” was said to have started in the U.S. prisons in the 1960’s as a result of restrictions...


Types Of handbag (photos)

Handbags are known as a woman’s best friend, as they go with her every­where and carry all the important belongings she needs. They prefer going with bags that...