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The journey to greatness begins with us!

The journey to greatness begins with us! - the journey, prof dora akunyili, prof dora, Life, journey, greatness, get things right
Godwin Ezeemo

The of Late Prof. Dora Akunyili made a lot of impact because of her determination to see Nige­ria liberated from the shackles of fake identity to a level of , under God. Of a truth, anyone who took time to study the activities of this great woman would realise that everything we need for our coun­try to be great lies within us. Prof. Dora Akunyili was one woman that believed that Nigeria, as a nation, has great people under her. She believed in the rebranding of our na­tional identity, she believed that the positive attitude of Nigerians over their actions would, one day, bring the needed change, she believed in a better Nigeria and she fought very hard in order to see it happen.

I felt the urge to start this week’s discussion with the testimony of this quintessential personality because of my resolve to let my readers realise that if Nigeria will be great, then we all must begin to work for it. It is not enough for us to sit down in our comfort zone and point fingers at those we think are our problem. It is not enough for us to single out the people we want to favour and those we do not want to favour, it is not enough for us to think that some people or some things are not right and/ or getting things right.

It is a matter of getting involved in the struggle to , it is a matter of taking a decision to be the change we want to see in Nigeria. Yes, if Nigeria must become what we all desire and deserve, all of us must begin now to get involved, all of us must tell ourselves the truth about our wretchedness as a country and begin to put our hands towards making things to happen.

Obviously, Prof. Dora Akunyili really used the little time she spent on earth, in order to fight against injustice, poverty, fake identity and reality, unholy activities and actions, nuisance and tout in every facet of our lives and environments. She struggled to make a difference with the opportunity at her disposal and God really blessed her effort.

Her memory will forever be cherished! No man who desires to see great­ness in his country, will be comfort­able when the people are not doing the right thing. Little wonder, we talked about doing the right thing at the right time last week. We talked about people realising the need to appreciate the reality of living such a that will make a great and positive impact on the lives of others, which will enable people to desire to live in accor­dance with God’s purpose and plan.


We must understand that the situation in our country today is unfavourable, especially as things are not going according to the plan of God. Yes, things are not working the way they should, hence, we cannot sit down and pretend. We cannot remain quiet in the face of this reality, we cannot relax in the face of uncertainty and expect magic. We really need to rise up and join hands together, in order to . We really need to think of a great nation like Prof. Dora Akunyili and her likes and not just that, we need to get in­volved.

We need to fashion our lives in such a way as to make a differ­ence in our individual corners and environs. Like those who worked hard to foster change in Nigeria, but could not live to continue the fight, we need to work hard in order to prove that we appreciate , we need to do every­thing possible in order to keep their memories alive and evergreen, we need to put on record that we are grateful to them for their tireless efforts. Yes, we really need to get involved in the struggle, the fight, the , the resolve and the de­cision to get Nigeria working again.

It is noteworthy that if all of us join hands together in order to make Nigeria great, surely our collective efforts shall yield fruits in our own time. Our cry as a united country will not fail to get to the very doorsteps of heaven and our joy unitedly blossoms.

Take a close look at the happen­ings in our country and you will realise that we are still where we are simply because we have refused to work together. We are still where we are because no one is interested to take the bull by the horn, no one is determined to be the change, no one is committed to making things work.

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My dear fellow citizens, I am personally pained to realise that things are not really working anywhere in Nigeria today, I am troubled that there is hunger every­where, I am moved to tears upon seeing people suffer and struggle everyday, just to survive, I am par­ticularly enveloped with sadness each time I see people move around with the label of wretchedness.

Of a truth, this is not good for a country that is poised to be great, this is not good for us, especially as we are set on the to another general election. People should determine to help others, our leaders should endeavour to put smiles on the fac­es of people, there should be change in and around us. Yes, there should sound of liberation and liberty and everyone should get involved in this. Nigeria must be great again and all of us must unite, in order to make it work. Those that fought be­fore now to bring this reality have done their best and their efforts must not be made to suffer. Like the words of our National anthem, the labour of our heroes past must never be in vain.

We need to rise and work to­wards the greatness of our be­loved country, we need to prove to the entire world that we are not what people think of us, we need to put a glorious label on Nigeria and strive to be a great country, a united nation, a wonderful people, a submissive people, a people that appreciate goodness and great­ness, a people that appreciate leadership not for selfish interest, not for personal gains, not for our stomach alone, but to transform others and bring them to a state of glorious riches, as embedded in the reality of God’s eternal goodness and graciousness.

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