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Righteousness exalts a nation!

Righteousness exalts a nation! - the world which, the bible, that god, Righteousness, one, Bible, all things bright
Godwin Ezeemo

Throughout the pages of , will discov­er is passionate about how people live their lives, especially realising that His standard of holiness cannot be exaggerated.

As goes through , it is very clear that everything God created was created with the intention to give God glory. He made man in His own image, so that man, appreciating his imag­inary similarity with his Creator, will not fail to pursue the plan and pattern of God for His (God’s) world.

The world exists only by the mandate of God, who gave life to all that He made and instituted rules guiding His creature.
Unfortunately, man has disap­pointed God, as what we witness in the world today is a total de­parture from the plan of God who loves His creatures so much.

A popular song has the following lines in its lyrics:
and beautiful
All creatures great and small
and wonderful
The Lord God made them all

You can see is love and He made His world with love, in order that people can exist in love, thus appreciating the un­fathomable love of God who, not only sent His only son to die for a sinful world, but also gave us all that He has, in order to make us happy and fulfilled.

Unfortunately; indeed, un­fortunately, man has destroyed the beautiful world which God Himself made for His own glory. Man has gone astray from the standard of God and has now de­cided to compete with God in His world. Man has left the glorious path instituted by God in order to make life beautiful and blissful and has, through several actions, spit into the face of God.

Yes, man has consciously and unconsciously abandoned God’s pattern and has constituted and instituted his own pattern, as against what God has in mind. If you take a close look at the happenings in our contemporary society, you will undoubtedly ap­preciate the points I am making here. Yes, if you take a proper look at the activities going on in our generation, you will realise that God is no longer comfortable with He passionately fashioned to honour Him.

Sin has crept into our society and everybody is feeling good and pursuing it at all cost. Sin has taken over the running of the affairs in so many areas, be it in the Church, in the govern­ment, everywhere. Sin has dealt us a big blow and we seem to be handicapped by its venom. Our society has now become a place of tears, rather than being a place of consolation. Our society has now turned into a place of bitterness and our leaders have no answer to our yearning. Our society has now become a place of disappoint­ment and even the people of God are not ready to pursue the plan of God.

Things have fallen apart in a world that was originally created to bring salvation to mankind and hope to the hopeless. Things have fallen apart in a generation that should have been a role model to coming generations and unborn children.

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Things have fallen apart in a generation that was mandated to change the world and cause a positive and challeng­ing re-awakening to her people. has left so many churches and families; hence, sin has taken over.

Little wonder, even God Himself said that He regretted ever creating man. If God, who made man, created the world, and fashioned everything in order to bring glory to His name should regret His choice of making man, then there is trou­ble.

Is it not an open secret that our society is sitting on a keg of gun powder? What else can I say? was fashioned by God in order to bring glory to His name has now turned against the same God who made it. was created in order to exist to the glory of God and for the expansion of His Kingdom has now become a place of regret. received the divine mandate to be a sweet thing has become more bitter than the bitter leaf.

Or, do you not know that God’s purpose of making man – and giving him the mandate to occupy the world – is that, in occupying the world, man will get to mani­fest the glory of God, thus fulfill­ing the purpose of creation?

It is not out of place to put on record that man was created to represent the fullness of God and to explore the riches of Christ. Yes, man was created to create; man was created to populate and depopulate; man was created to dominate; man was created to multiply; man was created to beautify the creature and bring honour to the Creator.

Yes, man has the divine mandate to uproot, to destroy, to scatter, to change, to decide, to organise, to arrange, to make and mar and even to design. However, man has no right to destroy hu­man life, but only to destroy those things that are contrary to God’s divine purpose. Man has no right to compete with God. Man has no right to challenge God. Man has no right to take decisions for God.

Yes, man has no right to change the destiny of another man and/ or destroy the things that are created to honour God.

Consequently, it is appalling to witness the evil going on in our society today; especially a situa­tion in which people begin to see themselves as god, and expect others to bow down and worship them. It is unfortunate that people now want to assume the position of God and even take de­cisions for God and/or decide who should be blessed or who should not be blessed. In my little experi­ence as regards the Word of God, I am optimistic that the people that acted this way in the past, all had their lives either terminated by God or their kingdoms destroyed, in such a way that those who wit­nessed the events all appreciated the Supremacy of God.

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King Nebuchadnezzar was one of such men/kings who thought that they could play God and/or take decisions for Him. He was one of those who thought that they could destroy lives at will and nothing would happen. Yes, he was one of the kings who, as a result of influence and affluence, began to contemplate creating their own kind of world, thus destroying the one they lived in and making God a liar. Thankful­ly, God proved to him that no man could ever challenge Him.

God proved to him that no man had the right to change the destiny of another. God proved to him that man’s power was limited, and that only the power of God was, and remains, limitless.

Little wonder, David exclaimed in Psalm 62:11, “Once has He spoken, twice have I heard that all powers belong to God.” My dear reader, powers belong to God and no man can change that reali­ty. Powers belong to God and no other power can stand Him.

Yes, powers belong to God; hence, He alone can decide what happens in His world. It is abundantly true that anyone who tries to chal­lenge the Supremacy of God will end up being destroyed, because God is God and no man can stand Him.

Again, God has the good of the world in mind and that is the reason He made everything beautiful; to enable man enjoy his life in the world, in which God has placed him. God is so merciful and faithful, righteous in His works and ways, and always committed to our ultimate good. It is never His intention that any of His children will suffer in the world, especially as He has insti­tuted His world in and holiness. The only problem we have in this world is our inability to abide by the rules and regulations governing our world. Everything created has rules and/ or is guided by some rules.

For someone to successfully operate in a certain environment, the one must, as a necessity, learn to abide by the rules guiding that environment. Thus established, for us to have the fullness of Christ’s riches, as enshrined in His nature, and enumerated in His Word, we must abide by the rules guiding His World. We must learn to do away with the things which are contrary to the will of God and pursue those things which are in line with His plan and purpose.

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