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Christians tasked on repentance during lent

Christians tasked on repentance during lent - the assistant parish, the assistant, repentance, Lent, Christians, assistant parish priest, assistant parish

By Gabriel Chy Alonta

The priest, St. Joseph Parish, Awka, Anambra state, Rev. Fr. Kilian Chukwudozie Ike, has called on to take advantage of the Lenten season to draw closer to God by complete from sins.

The clergyman urged every to use the period to live holy lives by having their hearts transformed according to the will of God.  Fr. Ike, who made this call in a homely, said that Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of ; when are expected to die to sin and embrace true of hearts.

According to him, Ash Wednesday reminds us that we are dust and we shall one day go back to dust. It brings to our consciousness that we are not home yet, and that we will someday return to our maker.

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“We, therefore must live a holy life while on earth because the earth is fading away. We must continually work on ourselves in order to live as Christ lived. It is an imperative call which we must not postpone. The repentance is now, not later”, the priest added.

Speaking further, Fr. Ike enjoined Christians and non-Christians alike to observe fasting, alms giving and prayerful lifestyle through the period, while adding that the triumvirate expectations are interconnected.  “We are expected to fast from food, sinful acts and other things in our lives, which negate our Christian call. The proceeds emanating from the foods we avoided during the period of abstinence, should be giving to the poor. Then, again, through prayers, we build a better relationship with God”, he said.

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