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God is still interested in affairs of the church – Okoro

God is still interested in affairs of the church - Okoro - The Pulpit, God, church, affairs

Pastor Okoro Martins is the founder of Fire Revival Bible church, Egbeda, Lagos. The minister speaks on his ministry and his calling in an interview with Collins Nkwocha.

Please Sir, tell us above your­self and your ministry?

My name is Pastor Okoro Martins the founder and senior pastor of Fire Reviv­al Bible Church. The ministry started early in the year 2001, as a non-denominational ministry before it become a church in the year 2002, as the Lord command­ed. I am happily married to Sister Rachael Okoro. I have been mar­ried past 11 years.

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What is the mandate and of this ministry?

The and mandate of the ministry is delivered people from captivity, one of our major weap­on is the word of God and prayer; also to evangelise the gospel of Christ, through the preaching of the word of salvation. Every true church of God must have this very mandate because that is exact­ly what is all about. In this ministry, we do 60 percent prayer and 40 percent ministering of the word of God. Since I start­ed the ministry, it has been all about , together prophetic.

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Sir, why is sin on the increase despite the massive presence of church in the country?

We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. churches have neglected the truth; they have decided to deviate from preaching the true word of God and that is why it looks as if we are no longer seeing the manifes­tation of the power of God. Most churches, these days, are preach­ing diluted doctrines; they tell their members what they like, not what God wants and that is why iniquity is on the increase. God is still interested in the of the church because God has no other business on earth, apart from the church. God will surely revive his church and bring men that are hun­gry for Him; men that will serve him genuinely with all their heart and tell the people the truth and, ultimately, lead them to heaven.

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