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There is heaven and there is hell

There is heaven and there is hell - The Pulpit, Hell, heaven

Rev. Dr H.O Dike founder/general overseer Blessed Life Bible Lagos.

This is a neglected topic in many pulpits today. All world, many churches talk little about and many don’t even teach and preach about them from year to year, yet, they are the basic issues of Christian Faith. We should not neglect to preach and teach the cardinal doc­trine of Christian faith from time to time until Jesus returns. Teaching and preaching these doctrines will en­courage us to live a holy life and follow the Lord consistently without looking back.

I have for over 30 , preach­ing and teaching about “ our home” and thousand have been blessed as you read my teaching to­day. Don’t fail to share your testimony with me and also to your loved ones.

  1. The origin of heaven

It was created by God in the begin­ning. Gen. 1:1, “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”. When or how long is a hid­den from man? Heaven will abide forever. II Corinthians 5:1. A house not made with hands, internal in the heavens” heaven is a prepared place; John 14:3, for prepared people.

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2.What is heaven? Heaven is the home of the lord God. Mt 6:9, “our father which art in heaven. II Cor­inthians12:2 speak of a man caught up to the third heaven. The heaven is the area where birds fly. The sec­ond heaven is where sputniks go. The third is the home or throne of the lord God. Heaven is a building. II Co­rinthian 5:1 “for we know that if our earthly house this tabernacle were dissolved we have a building if God, an house not made with hands, eter­nal heavens”.

Heaven is a building of God. It is not man- made. II Corinthians 5:1. Heaven called a garner. Matt 3:12- —- gather his wheat into the gar­ner”. This occur at the division of the wheat being burned. Heaven is called the kingdom of God and of . Eph 5:5,——– hath any her­itance in the kingdom of and of God” heaven is called the father’s house. John 14: 2,”in my father’s house ———–“heaven is called a place of rest. Heb 4:9 “there re­maineth therefore a rest to the people of God”. Heaven is called paradise. II corin 12:4, and knew such a man—— —– caught up into paradise

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3.Size of heaven: it is immeasur­able. Jer. 31:37, “thus saith, the lord. Heaven above can be measured, and the foundation of the earth search out the beneath, I will also off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done siath the lord”

  1. Characteristics of heaven: heaven is a high place. Isaiah 57: 15 “ I dwell in the high and holy place. Psalm 20:6; “he will have him from his holy heaven” heaven is a happy place. Rev. 7:17, “God shall wipe away all tears” heaven is a place without death, tears, sorrow, crying, pains, sicknesses diseases, HIV/aid or Lassa fever and any other sickness that will come out today or in the future to come. Rev. 21:4

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