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Why prophecies don’t come to pass – Okafor

Why prophecies don’t come to pass - Okafor - The Pulpit, prophecies, pass, Okafor

By Collins Nkwocha

The general of Warrior Rhema Assembly, Apostle Charles Freeman , has finally given answers to numerous questions that be­lievers ask concerning why prophetic pro­nouncement, revelations and utterances made on their lives don’t become realistic.

Speaking during a prophetic and a de­liverance service in his , he said that: “there are things you must do for your to become a reality, be­cause the very time a good prophetic ut­terance is made concerning your life, the enemy starts to fight against it, not want­ing it to come to reality”.

According to the bible, when Elijah the Tishbite, made a prophetic declaration to Ahab, that there would be no rain, ac­cording to the book of 1 Kings 17:1 and according to the book of James 5:17. Eli­jah prayed earnestly for this prophetic to become a reality and it did not rain on the earth by the space of three years and six months according to the King James Ver­sion of the Holy Bible.

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It is very vivid that Elijah made this happen with the power of prayer, he prayed for to honour the prophecy. According to the book of I Kings 18:41, he prophesied that there would be rain, and according to James 5:18, he equally prayed for this to happen; mean­ing that must be backed up with prayer for it to happen. According to the book of Genesis 15:10-14, God said that the children of Israel be in cap­tivity for four hundred years, but accord­ing to the book of Exodus 12:40-42, the children of Israel had already stayed in captivity for four hundred and thirty years and according to the book of Exodus 2:23- 25; though the prophecy was four hundred years, but they had stayed four hundred and thirty years, it was until they prayed and cried to the Almighty God, that they were delivered; it is very explicit that prayer is the necessary activation needed for prophecies to become a reality.

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God can never bless you, when you are living a sinful life; and even if God had destined you for destruction because of your sinful ways, if you pray and ask him for forgiveness, he forgive you and repent of the impending destruction or calamity that would have befallen you as in the case of the people of Nineveh. God detests sin, sin is the only impediment to God’s blessings for your life, I want to make it clear to you, that as long as you continue living a sinful life, the blessings of God be far away from you and his prophecies for your life never come to reality until you repent. I want you to know that sin is the only hindrance between you and God, please don’t allow anybody to deceive you that God bless you as a thief, fraudster, drug trafficker, fornicator as long as you continue to engage in these evil act, the prophecies and blessings of God be far away from you.

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