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2018 prophesies


Nigeria is known to be a very religious that is why there’s a huge presence of in the . Servants of are held in high esteem despite their age, tribe or class. They are often called Daddy, mummy or all other names that indicate reverence. speaks his mind to the church, , and the at large through prophesies. These are the prophesies of different servants of for 2018 in an interview with COLLINS NKWOCHA.

Pastor Ifeanyichukwu Paul Anazodo: overseer of Covenant Base Assembly International, Okota, Lagos.

2018 prophesies - nigeria, God, Covenant

The year 2018 will be a good year for Nigerians so says the Lord God Almighty. It will be better than last year that people languished in utmost of lack. Nigerians should expect tremendous improvement in our economy because God is taking control. God Almighty will fight the enemy of Nigeria, God will fight those people that want to denigrate the image and reputation of this country those that want to keep squandering and embezzling the resources of this country, God will deal with them. God will disgrace politicians that will try to make trouble in the political scene in Nigeria, and I want to tell people to expect surprise in the political scene in the country because the mighty will fall.

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Pastor Chinedu Mbah, overseer of The Revived church international, Satellite Town, Lagos.

2018 prophesies - nigeria, God, Covenant

There will great harvest of souls this year; the in Nigeria will fall under attack like never before. Great killing of Christians, destroying of churches, serious pandemonium, pockets of crisis in the eastern and western part of the country. We should pray against ethnic and religious crisis that may lead to serious breakdown of peace. There will be strange sickness and diseases in the country. Nigerians should expect more suffering, there will be more scarcity of fuel and tremendous increase in prices of essential commodities, expect more death in Nollywood, two governors and three senators will die this year; Dollar will increase again, the presidency will work hard in the quest to achieve his Islamic agenda. The government will try hard to stabilize the economy but it will be beyond them, foreign investors will leave the country thus making unemployment to increase in the year 2018. There will be a coup attempt against the government but it will fail.     

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Pastor Jerry Ikey Akabuike, senior pastor of Onward Faith Mission International, Ejigbo Lagos

2018 prophesies - nigeria, God, Covenant

I prayed concerning 2018 and God told me that 2018 will be a good year God has heard the cry of the masses and he has decided to repair the land in order for people to smile. God is stepping into our affairs this year, He has heard our crying and wailing. This year will be good for Nigerians, there will be less suffering. Compared to last year, 2018 will be a good year for Nigerians.

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