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Visionary prophecies doom on Nigerian leaders

Visionary prophecies doom on Nigerian leaders - visionary, the leaders, nigerian leaders, Nigerian, doom

By O’star Eze

The wrath of God is coming upon of this nation who have refused to hearken to the voice of the Lord and those who reject His goodwill towards this nation. This was the theme of a vision that Prophet Louis Ezejiagu, the Spiritual Director of Light of God Ministry, Anambra State saw about Nigeria and the forthcoming general elections.

Prophet Louis, citing Hebrew 10:26-30, alleged that so far in the present administration have been willfully abusing the grace of God and that, he said, is what is drawing closer an impending on all who fall under this category.

The announced that God has decided to look into the case of the country and “bring judgment on all those who had been abusing it.” He then called on the leaders to retrace their steps if they had been doing evil towards the resources, human and material, of Nigeria.

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He said that the before now, “these satanic leaders had hijacked the blessings of the children of God in every sphere,” while adding that “the Lord God of Hosts is fighting for his people and there will be restoration in no distance time.”

He however enjoined the common man to turn back to God “with sincerity of heart” to be beneficiary of this turn around.

It would be recalled that this same Anambra based prophet had prophesied on several occasions on political issues in the country which includes the outcome of the last gubernatorial election that saw the incumbent being returned. He had also claimed that he had come into cross battles with some renown men of God (names withheld) and that his ministry has been set up specifically to save Nigeria from the clutches of political wickedness just as the prophets of Old in the bible.

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