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Experts advocate Geodetic Science as solution to disaster, security issues

Experts advocate Geodetic Science as solution to disaster, security issues - tackling national security, security issues, science, geodetic science, geodetic, Experts

By O’star Eze


have identified as the solution to disaster and while calling on Nigerian government to be prepared against disaster by funding the Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics to enable it achieve the mandate for which it was established.


Nigeria Association of Geodesy (NAG) made the call in a communiqué issued in Awka recently during its General Assembly with the theme “The Place of Space Geodesy in National Security and Disaster Monitoring for Sustainable Development”.


The communiqué signed by its National president, Prof. Matthew Ono said if effectively funded, the of geodesy could be used in and disaster.


He explained that Geodesy is the science which deals with the methods of precise measurements of elements of the surface of the earth and their treatment for the determination of geographic positions on the surface of the earth.

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It observed that there were no collaborative efforts among relevant professionals and scientists for adequate dissemination and application of outcome of research.


NAG said potentials of Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics in relation to its mandate were underutilized.


The body also urged synergy between office of Surveyor General of Nigeria and the geodetic community.


“The conference therefore calls on all government agencies that are involved to optimally utilise science of Geodesy in and disaster mitigation.


“We call on relevant authorities to measures to adequately fund the maintenance of geodetic infrastructure while funding new ones and a better collaboration with professionals for dissemination of geodetic research outcome.

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“We call for appropriate funding, equipping and right staffing of the Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics so that it can deliver on its mandate.


“We seek a better collaboration between the Office of Surveyor General and NAG on geodetic activities and research in the country,” it said.


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