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Igbo movie advocate launches Igbo movie TV channel

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By O’star Eze

Obinna Muoma, award winning producer who has been at the forefront of promoting movies that showcase culture recently launched an TV called Odenigbo TV, which he said is intended to promote movies without barriers.

Speaking with the press recently during a government sponsored creativity event that held in Awka, Muoma said that he has observed over the years do not have value in Nigeria and receive better accolade beyond the shores of the country.

He said he initiated the YouTube as a first step in his resolve to champion the cause of reviving good content in the Igbo and shows genre.

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“I want to prove are not just about showcasing rituals and palace scenes but have good and very entertaining content.

“Igbo movies do not have any value in Nigeria even though they pioneered the Nollywood industry in the country and that is a shame.

“My company is already working on setting up a satellite Igbo TV channel that will be one of a kind,” the Nnewi born said.

Muoma, Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Anambra State Chapter Public Relations Officer reiterated his belief that the entertainment industry holds the key to promoting and sustaining Igbo language and traditions and enjoined scriptwriters and other movie producers of Igbo descent to be part of the project.

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“Write your Igbo movies, produce them and meet with us and we will help you show them to the world through our Youtube channel,” Muoma said,

Orient Entertainment observed that Odenigbo TV Youtube channel since its launch already has 35 subscribers and 11 videos with some of the videos recording up to 400,000 views.



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