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C’River community accuses neighbours of fueling crisis

C’River community accuses neighbours of fueling crisis - people, passing through uyanga, ojor community, Cross River, community, Calabar, avoid passing through

By Joseph Kingston,

Leaders and of in Akamkpa local gov­ernment area of state have accused the neighbouring Uyanga of instigating another round of communal conflict by blocking the only access road through which they go in and out of their .

Speaking with our reporter in his palace, the Obol Loche V, Obol Paulinus M. Ogar said that on several occasion, their attack­ers had blocked the same road thereby stopping them from ac­cessing the outside world, but warned that they could react if pushed to the wall.

“It is imperative to draw the attention of Governor Ben Aya­de, to the fact that the Uyanga youths are still bent on blocking Ojor road despite the instruction given by the peace meeting bod­ies that the Ojor road should no longer be blocked for any reason.

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“Relevant authorities should better advise them to adhere to the peace conditions and give peace a chance. We don’t intend to fight any neighbour except we are pushed to the wall,” the com­munity Head submitted.

According to him, in order to Uyanga, the was em­barking on self-taxation to raise N10,000,000 (ten million naira) for the construction of 8 kilome­tre alternative road which would completely cut them off from Uy­anga.

“This ugly and uncomfortable situation has pushed us into an unbudgeted construction of 8 kilometre alternative road to Uyanga as a means of ensuring a last­ing peace and avoiding re-occur­rence of that unpleasant situa­tion. The road which is passing through Eng-Haut rubber plan­tation to River junction has already consumed over Ten Million Naira.

Obol Ogar also decried com­plete abandonment of the only secondary school in the area by successive govern­ment, saying “we also calling for the attention of our Governor to our dilapidated Secondary School building which needs an urgent attention.”

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Our reporter who visited both the said school and the two bridg­es which are under construction observed that the major means of livelihood of the Ojor peo­ple is subsistence farming, and with the fear of unknown in the course of their farming business, the people are left with no other choice than to look up to God for solace.

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