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What Christmas mean to us…


Ogechukwu Ezeajuh, Awka based publisher and writer:

Essentially, Christmas is a period by which Christians remember the birth of Jesus Christ. But it goes beyond that because Jesus Christ died 200 ago. Therefore, commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ entails renewal of our relationship and recommitment to God. I see Christmas in its spiritual contents not the material contents which currently dominates the celebration.

Amaka Okekearu, a student, Enugu-Ukwu, Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State

What Christmas mean to us... - Jesus Christ, christmas, Anambra State

Christmas is a day we remember our friends and family, including our siblings especially those that hardly come home. I would be celebrating with them there because I have been missing them for all long. I have so many places to visit. First, my home town, Irunebo Enugu-ukwu. Then, I will visit orphanage homes to celebrate with the fatherless and motherless. Then, I will be at Kenneth Dike (Anambra State) Library. Last time I passed through there I saw an awesome decoration that I would not like to pass me by. I feel like going there to celebrate the season with my family and friends.

What Christmas mean to us... - Jesus Christ, christmas, Anambra State

Mr. Edeh Job, Ebonyi State commandant of the vigilante of Nigeria, Abakaliki

The celebration of Christmas is very significant to Christians. Although, some Christians are against the celebration of Christ- mas on the 25th of December. You see some Christians going to revivals and crusade during the Christmas celebration because of the conflict in date. Yet majori- ty of Christians celebrate Christ- masandtome,Iknowwearein a democracy and where the ma- jority goes is where the choice of people goes. Christmas is cele- brated in different ways by dif- ferent people but it means a pe- riod of sober reflection. To some people, they use the Christmas to commit crime that is why in Nigeria, it is this period that we experience high crime rate. It is not supposed to be so. People are rushing now to get things but what have they be doing from January till now. There is no how can achieve what he cannot achieve since January under month. I advise Nigerians to take it easy because Christmas comes and goes.

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Christmas is celebrated every year but they are some people that Christmas will mark the end of their lives by indulging in crim- inal activities such as 419, rob- bery and kidnapping. For Chris- tians, Christmas is not all about cooking and eating of food and meat, you can also extend to the less privileged in the society.

What Christmas mean to us... - Jesus Christ, christmas, Anambra State

Jane Odilinye, makeup artist, Awka,

I will celebrate the Christ- mas and year with my family in Awka. But if I have chance, I will visit some tour- ists centres. It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I will be celebrating it at home with my loved ones.

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Ann Chukwu, Public servant, Rivers state Generally, Christmas means

What Christmas mean to us... - Jesus Christ, christmas, Anambra State
a day generally accepted by Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. To me it is a day I celebrate Jesus my king who was born in human form, a period of re-awakening the spirit of righteousness. Christmas is not a physical feast but a spiritual thing, a period of revival. I intend to celebrate Christmas with the less privileged in my midst and create awareness why Jesus was born because

so many Christians do not understand the birth of Christ.

Mrs Ujunwa Sunday Nwafor: Businesswoman, Port Harcourt

What Christmas mean to us... - Jesus Christ, christmas, Anambra State

Christmas means so many things to so many people. To some people it is a period of drinking, smoking and having fun to the fullest. But bibli- cally Christmas is the period our Lord and personal savior Jesus Christ was born and his births signify love to mankind. Christ is the reason of the celebration without him there will be no celebration such as we have today

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