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I was once a drug dealer, fraudster – Pastor Divine

I was once a drug dealer, fraudster - Pastor Divine - The Pulpit, fraudster, drug, dealer

Pastor Divine Emmanuel surely is the Senior pastor of the cross Lagos he speaks on his ministry he encountered Christ in an interview with Collins Nkwocha.

Please tell us about yourself and min­istry?

My name is Pastor Divine Em­manuel Sunday, I am the founder of The Glory of the cross , Egjigbo La­gos. I am from Ebonyi and I am happily married with . My moth­er went to the altar of Assemblies of and cried earnestly for to re­turn the baby boy that was killed during the Nigeria/Biafran . God heard her cry and returned the baby, surprisingly, the baby had a mark at the exact place the baby was wounded. Unfortunately my father could not continue to serve God, my grandfather was priest to a dei­ty, and when he died, my father look over as the priest to the deity. Despite this, God remained faithful to the covenant my mother had with him. Whenever my mother told me that she covenanted me to God, I always got sad because right then in the village, pastors were known for poverty, their dressing and every­thing about them was despicable. I later moved to Owerri for business and, there, I started attending Catholic Church in order to enable me to meet up with business and some other engagements. When I finally grew up and got married; during the delivery of my second baby, my mother came to remind me of the covenant she had with God concerning me, and to be candid, I also see myself in the dream, performing all kinds of mir­acles

How did you get born again, Sir?

I do travel abroad for business trip; I traveled to Egypt for one of such trips and went to mountain of fire church to worship on a Sunday. Although I was a church goer by then, I was not born again. On that very day at mountain of fire in Egypt, the pastor came to me and told me that the lord said that I should come out and preach. It sounded bizarre and strange to me and I ignored him. Af­ter the service, I went to meet my busi­ness partners for the deal that brought me to Egypt which was business. I was a hard . After the deal, my own money was $800,000.

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I was moving back to my hotel when the police stopped me. They searched and found the huge amount with me. By law, an individual should not be found with money that is above $10,000 any­thing more than that, you must have a receipt to back up the transaction that yielded the money. I couldn’t provide any receipt to back up the money, they suspected drugs but didn’t find any on me; they charge me for money launder­ing and I was sentenced to twenty two years in imprisonment. While in prison, I got born again and the lord told me that he would deliver me, but that I must re­turn to Nigeria to start the work because if I stayed there in Egypt, I would not do the work.

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Some days later, I was called out of the prison at about 1am. I saw a man that looks exactly like me, they asked me if I know the man. I said ‘no’; they asked him if he knew me he equally gave a negative answer. They told me that, he was the real person that they were in search of, that my identity was mistak­en. They apologised to me and released me. They asked me if I would like to charge them to court for compensation and other things, I declined knowint that it was the hand of God. I told them to give me money that will take me back to Nigeria. That was how I got born again.

Ever since you got born again, how would you describe your relationship with God?

I was not just into dealing, I was into ‘419’ I was not doing it in Nigeria; I was doing it abroad. My wife kept tell­ing me to stop those evil dealings and serve God because my mother told her that I am to be a man of God, I would ask her: “na bible we go chop?”, then when I was doing those evil businesses, my wife was always falling ill. I was always spending money on hospitals. But, for the past 18 years that I decided to yield to the voice of God, I have never spent a kobo for hospital bills neither for myself, my wife nor my . God has given us perfect health in him, because when I came back to Nigeria, I gave out all the money and properties I acquired through those evil acts. I gave some to the or­phanage homes, some to the hospital, I gave out everything I had and I was not left with a kobo. My wife and I lived in an uncompleted building without window or door for 3 years; but I thank the Lord today because he has blessed me.

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What is the exact mandate of the min­istry?

To preach the word of salvation to the world, deliver the people from of captivity they might find themselves. God has given me the grace and power to deal with any kind of affliction that is why this ministry has produced amaz­ing miracles that are beyond compre­hension. If God has truly called a man, he will equip him with what he needs to succeed; the power of God is still real and available these days.

What are the challenges you have faced serving God?

They are numerous, because I was poor after I gave out the millions I made through evil means; several financial challenges came around me. There was a situation where a lady came to tempt me with money in Rivers . She wanted me to have amorous relationship with her and equally had a huge money offer for me. I thank God that I was able to overcome. Another one is concerning my members. At times, when there’s a need in the church, they will want you to say: “God said” whereas God did not say anything, we just need the money to solve issues in the church. I am not ready to lie to anyone because of money. Had I not restituted all the millions I made, I would have been an extremely wealthy person now, I am not regretting follow­ing Christ because my greatest desire is to make heaven.

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