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Nigeria is on the brink of rising again – Idahosa

Nigeria is on the brink of rising again - Idahosa - The Pulpit, rising, nigeria, Idahosa

Bishop Isaac Idahosa is the founder of God First Ministry International (aka Illumination Assembly) Ajah, Lagos. In this interview with Emmanuel Clement, the clergyman explores latest issues affecting Nigeria, especially religious matters.

How would you assess Buhari so far?

The president must know that ‘he that must build a tower must first of all sit down and count the cost’. Your structure is determined by the foundation you have laid. These past years, Nigerians might say there has been nothing to point to. However, it is not how far but how well. I believe strongly that the rest phase we will begin to see the mani­festation with speed. Hasty climbers experience sudden falls. They should still give him the benefit of the doubt. Nigeria is at the edge of up again.

What is your take on the current of the nation?

The leadership should be able to sit down and have a meeting for communication to remove any abnor­malities between the leadership and the subjects. Right now, there is a lot of power tussle with everybody look­ing at 2019. I urge Nigerians to hold unto God and be patient.

Are you saying Nigerians should con­tinue to exercise patience even when they are yet to understand the direc­tion of this administration?

Change that is not given a chance will turn to chain. It will chain peo­ple rather than changing them. You see, people don’t see any good in leadership until they get involved. I’m a prophet that sees good things, even if there are bad thing in view, we should be able to pray averting them and asking God to give our leader the spirit of excellence.

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The herdsmen are becoming a na­tional threat; what is your view on the herdsmen/farmers clash?

We put the members of the Na­tional Assembly there because we expect that they should reason for us, they should create problems in the abstract and solve them before they now come physically. Let them begin to promulgate laws that will bring check and balances before things occur rather than fire bri­gade approach. The rise and fall of anything is tied to leadership. We must believe in the common course that Nigeria is a nation that will not break; we must love our nation and contribute to its growth.

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The 2019 general election is fast ap­proaching. What is your take on the call for Christians to participate active­ly in the affairs of the nation?

Things are changing. Christians are getting more involved because of the sensitisation. The awareness has increased and we clerics have been advising members to get in­volved. The truth is that evil men will thrive when good men do nothing. If you think you are good to change the system, you cannot do that from a distance, you have to be involved in the system. Light does not fight, it dominates.

Sir, do you think the church is doing enough in playing her role in the na­tional affair in this country?

We are not just the light of the church but the light of the world. We are not only the salt of the church but the salt of the earth. For preser­vation and sweetness, the church in her proper place should bring about prayers of preservation and fulfill­ment of Nigeria’s prophetic destiny.

What is your message for this na­tion?

My prayer for this nation is; we are coming out if it bigger and stronger. We must find things to contribute toward the betterment of Nigeria. We must be patient and pray for the fear of God. If people must criticize, it must be constructive. Buhari has a great plan and vision but people around him are those misleading him and we must see the way he sees to be able to do what he does. In just a while, the Nigerian econ­omy will experience boom again. God is involved in this country; the devil can only revolve around Nige­ria, but he cannot dissolve the pro­phetic plans of God for this nation.

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Do you subscribe to the general belief that Buhari’s administration has been slow and unable to fulfill its electoral promises so far?

Slow and steady wins the race. That you are slow does not mean you are not moving, only that you are not moving at the pace of people’s expectations. Nigeria is a coun­try that lacks a whole lot of pa­tience, we want things in a hurry, we have to put policies in place that will really affect the common man in Nigeria and we must look inwardly to ensure that the right people are put in place in the right places hence we are going to have ideology that don’t produce prog­ress. We must allow those who are capable to do them.

It is not the day you sleep with your wife that she delivers, it is a process, you were not born an adult and you pass through some pro­cesses to be where you are, normal­ly good things come with time. The problem we have is that we want a magician in Buhari and a magician cannot rule Nigeria. We want somebody who deals with facts and with truthful­ness of heart and purpose.

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