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Please kindly tell us about yourself and your ministry.

I am Pastor Cyril Nkemakolam Israel, founder and general overseer of Rivers of His Pleasure Global Ministry International (aka ) in Lagos. I am also into furniture making. This ministry is 10 old.

Sir, what area of calling do you have?

I am an evangelist by calling, a teacher of the Word. For you to be a teacher, you must be taught by others ahead of you. The most important thing is to give your life to Christ, first.

How did you get born again?

There was a policeman’s son I used to know in Calabar, back then. I grew up in Calabar. He was very notorious and dreaded. Suddenly, he changed and the transformation was very conspicuous. I was magnetised by his transformation and, so, decided to know what was behind his sudden change. He told me that he had accepted Christ and that that was the source of the transformation I saw. I encouraged him and left. As I was walking back home, I cried profusely to the extent that my eyes got swollen. When I got home, my brother whom, I was living with by then, thought that I had a fight with someone, I went inside started praying and asking God for forgiveness. I was praying and crying at the same time. I prayed earnestly to the extent that I couldn’t open my eyes again. I thought my sins had made me blind. I cried the more, asking for forgiveness. All of a sudden, I lost control of my tongue, I didn’t know what I was saying again; I thought I had gone mad because, as someone from an Anglican background, I didn’t know what it meant to speak in tongue. I thought it was insanity and it was after about an hour that I regained consciousness. That was how I got born again. That night, God used me to save the life of my brother that I was living with. After the prayer that night, the spirit of God told me that we should not sleep in that house. He told me to ask my brother if there was any charm in the house which he is using for protection. My brother was very ill and at the point of death. He gave me the key to a place he kept a charm he uses. I got it and threw it into the bush. The Holy Spirit had told me that we should not sleep in that house that night, so I took my brother to our shop that night and we slept there. Later, I got to know that our landlord planned to eliminate my brother that night, the main reason the spirit of God told me to take my brother away for that very night. I told God to show me a sign if he was really responsible for all these. When I got to church, I didn’t go to my Anglican church, I went to of the churches on the University of Calabar campus. When I got to there, I bent down to pray and, immediately, the Spirit of God took over me and I stood up unconsciously, speaking in tongue and went straight to the pulpit to collect the microphone from the person that was ministering. Immediately I did that, I fell down and they took me away for counseling. I told them that I was alright, I only asked God for a sign, and he had just confirmed it. I started worshiping with them at that church, called Chapel of Redemption.

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Sir, every human being has a mandate to worship God, but how did you get to know that you’re called?

When I got to the new church that God directed me to, within the next three months, I was made the Sunday School teacher, ahead of those that I met at the church. On a particular week, my General Overseer had a ministration in River state, that meant that he was not going to be available for the Wednesday service before he left he told me that I should prepare my message, that I was going to be ministering that Wednesday. I ministered after which a particular rich man in the church, who rarely came to church, called me and gave me N50 then, a lot of money in 1990. He told me he loved the way I ministered and that whenever I was ready to go to bible school, I should tell him. That was how my journey started.

I went to Bible school and the Lord continued to give me signs and revelations that He wanted me to lead His flock.

Sir, what is the mandate of your ministry? Is it possible for God to call a man of God to be preaching prosperity?

I have evangelistic calling, the major mandate of my ministry is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, by preaching word of Salvation which is actually meant to save people from eternal damnation, and make them get to heaven. The major mandate of my ministry is to take people to heaven, every other thing is additional.

A man of God can never be called to preach prosperity message alone, the gospel is a balanced thing, the major aim or reason for the preaching of the gospel is to save souls for the kingdom of God, even the bible tells us to “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and every other thing will be added unto you”. A man of God that tells you that God has called him to give people wealth in the midst of sin is actually working for the devil, Jesus Christ came to die for our sins so that we might have eternal life, prosperity is a secondary thing not a primary thing. You see the end time preachers, telling people what they want to hear because they want members, many people have chosen to go to churches that will accommodate their sins because they don’t want to hear the truth. I love God because He does not compel you to serve Him, he said in the Bible that I put life and death, but I advise you to choose life. The end time preachers who centre their preaching on prosperity, wealth making and motivational speeches, are leading people to eternal doom, even the Bible said it that in the end time, iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold, people shall be lovers of themselves, not lovers of God; we are in the end time, and the scripture is being fulfilled every with the happenings around us. I want to tell us, that there are still true men of God; I am among them. The fact that most men of God have left the truth does not mean that every man of God is part of it. The word of God is power, you are supposed to derive power from preaching the word of God. You see, the prophets of these days give you prophecies, but when it comes to preaching the word of God, they cannot go beyond ten minutes in reading the bible and preaching the word of God, all they do is prophecy, because they know that, that is what people want.

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Christianity, as churches in Nigeria, appears to have lost it. Sir, what is wrong with the churches in Nigeria?

I know of a certain native doctor who, at Badore in Lagos, was complaining that Pentecostal Pastors have taken away all his clients, what he did was that he changed his name from native doctor to Rev. Dr. and went to take bible school in Otta, in Ogun state, and started operating as a so called man of God, that is of the problems that Christianity is facing in this country; these have spoilt the image of Christianity in the country. That is even why former president Olusegun Obasanjo said that pastors were corrupt. This is because those that are posing to be men of God are not really men of God and they bring His name to disrepute in the country.


“A man of God that tells you that God has called him to give people wealth in the midst of sin is actually working for the devil”

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