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AE-FUNAI students unleash mayhem on nabbed robber in Campus

AE-FUNAI students unleash mayhem on nabbed robber in Campus - the university, the robber, students, robber, funai

By Kosiso Anokwuru

A riotous uproar broke out in Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo (AE-) recently, as agitated inflicted pain on an unknown following the failed murder attempt on a student.

In the incident, which occurred in the evening of Wednesday, October 24,  engaged in jungle justice due to the incessant robbery within and outside community.

According to reports, the was said to have been apprehended while trying to escape in a tricycle at the schools’ entrance gate (take-off site).

It was also gathered that, during this period, the gun man, while trying to evade his pursuers (students), pulled the trigger but unfortunately missed the target as he was knocked down and pummeled by the students.

Narrating the gory incident, one of the students of narrated his experience thus saying that “what I passed through this evening is indeed a sad story. On my way home from school, I and six friends of mine were stopped by two armed men. But unfortunately, two persons from the group were robbed of their belongings.

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“Due to what occurred, we gathered courage and followed them from the point we were stopped, around the schools main gate (permanent site), till we arrived at the other entrance gate where one of us identified one of the robbers trying to escape in a tricycle. Then, alarm was raised and we chased him for our belongings.

“In the process of a struggle, a gun shot was fired at me but luckily the target was poor. As he tried another attempt, I and my friends got hold of him and decided to proceed to the SUG office to resolve issues. But unfortunately, when students got wind of what transpired, they became agitated and pummeled to the ground,” he said.

He further bemoaned the poor security measures around campus and questioned the security levy paid by students which doesn’t guarantee one’s safety.

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His words: “What is the point of having security officials and security levy when students are still threatened at gun point?”

Meanwhile, to ease tension on campus, the Student Union president, Comrade Njoku Francis, calmed the nerves of the students as he assured them that the perpetrator will face the wrath of law and won’t be handed to Ikwo police division but to SARS operatives for further investigation.

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