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Early History of Broken Bow Oklahoma


Broken Bow is one of those unique spots in America where the glories nature are quickly accessible to a large urban area. Located in the southeast corner of Oklahoma, just a few hours from Dallas, it is a playground for thousands of visitors each . If you are planning on visiting soon, here is a quick overview of the of Broken Bow including how it got its unusual name.

Although the name sounds like it came from Oklahoma's Indian roots, it actually has nothing to do with the indigenous Choctaw population. Rather, it was named for Broken Bow, Nebraska which was the former of the Dierks brothers, a pair of early settlers to the area. Broken Bow is a fairly young town by western standards and was incorporated in 1911.

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Beautifully situated in the foothills of the Kiamichi Mountains, the area does boast an impressive Native American . It was a terminus for many of the Choctaw Indians who were forced to travel the infamous "Trail of Tears" in 1831. They must have been comforted by the abundance of natural resources that are still plentiful today: crystal clear lakes and dense lush forests. As can be imagined, harvesting lumber is what drew the white , and a little community was born.

Today, Broken Bow cabins and camping spots make this area a popular one for those seeking to "get away from it all." Although much has changed since 1911, the beauties of the area and its ability to draw in nature fans have not.

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