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APSON boss vows crackdown on piracy, fake products

APSON boss vows crackdown on piracy, fake products - piracy, fake products, boss, apson boss, apson, and counterfeit products

By Francis Ekpone

The director general of anti- society of Nigeria, Frank Uduonu has warned against fake , saying that his group will not relent until it achieves zero tolerance on and in Nigeria.

Uduonu who stated this while interacting with youth group; the Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs at Awka, said the exercise was to brainstorm and strategize on the best ways to enlighten the youth on the dangers of piracy with the aim of taking the message beyond the frontiers of Anambra state.

He noted that the dangers associated with piracy and counterfeit products cannot be over emphasized as it kills intellectual property, loss of revenue to both entrepreneurs and government and promotes mediocrity. He however regretted that some fake and harmful products being peddled by producers across the country pose great danger to mankind including customers that patronize them.

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The reiterated that health is wealth, stressing that Nigerians suffer untold hardship as a result of consuming most fake and expired goods which seem relatively cheap compared to that of original ones.

According to him, fake drugs have caused many illnesses and death in the society at large. “Adulterated industrial foods like powdered and liquid milk, tobacco, tin and sachet tomatoes, canned drinks, palm oil, vegetable oil, sachet water and pirated CD plates, books, automobiles, and plagiarism are not left out.

He lamented: “While some people gain their selfish luxurious life style at the expense of other’s collective happiness, many risk the health of many others for their own gains. The end justifies the means syndrome seems to be the order of the day. Humanity is really facing inhumane torment in the hands of the bad conscience of these evil doers who try to manipulate nature in order to turn normalcy into socio-economic and cultural malady.

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