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Government has abandoned orphans’ education – Engr Okolo

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…as Alumni supports foundation


By O’star Eze


Engr Cajethan Okolo, director of for and the Less Privileged has bemoaned the educational deprivation children suffer in owned Model Community Orphanage Home and Daycare centre, Awka.

Speaking to the press during the October edition of her group’s monthly birthday party for the , Okolo decried the way the were denied formal education and attending church at a conventional church like other children.

He said he had observed that children between the ages of 1 and 15 are kept in the home without proper arrangement for their education and that they are not allowed to attend church service save for the one we organize every month as part of .

“I observed that the children are given extramural classes but it is not consistent, neither is it properly strategized.

“How can a 4 year old and a 14 year old be taught in the same class?

“Besides, these children need to mix up with their peers and go through a proper school system to be psychologically prepared for the outside world as adults,” he advised.

Okolo therefore called on the state to facilitate the process of enrolling the children in a school so they would start having normal educational experiences like their peers.

He appreciated all the partners of the foundations “especially my Old Boys Association who have donated so many things for the home through my foundation.”

He said that the state of the home has been the reason the foundation has focused on it more than private homes where he said the children are better managed.

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“What we had in mind was to get to every orphanage in Anambra State but when we started with Model Orphanage which is government owned, we realized that a lot of work needs to be done here because it appears the government here. My foundation built a kitchen for them, put up the mosquito nets on the doors and kitchens and is presently renovating the playground. We have also started a computer training programme for the children in the home,” he said.

A young female inmate of the home, Favour Onuchukwu who said she was 15 years old, said she had stayed more than two years in the home and is yet to be enrolled in a formal school. She said she was brought from Abagana by the police after her parents were taken in by the police. she was in primary 5 before she was brought to the home and that she has not been to any school but that a teacher comes to teach her and other children. Favour said she would like to be a nurse when she grows up.

Reacting to the allegation, Mrs Ada Morah, the storekeeper and receptionist of the home who took responsibility of the home on the absence of Rev Sister Philomena Aku, the matron, said that most of the children were brought from various orphanages in the state.

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the home has a school block were the children are taught adding that the commissioner has plans of enrolling the children in a formal school to provide avenue for the children to start mixing up with other children.

She appreciated efforts of Cajethan Okolo foundation.

“He is a good man and has done so much for our home. The children now take him as their father,” she said.

Orient Daily reports that the delegates of St Peter’s Special Science School Alumni, Anambra State Chapter were present with several food items as well as toiletries to support the work of in the home.

Speaking to the press after formally handing over the items to Cajethan Okolo, at the peak of , Okechukwu Ezeoke, the Vice Chairman of the group who led the delegation said that the director of the foundation, Okolo Cajethan, is part of the organization.

He said that the Anambra State Chapter of the Alumni has decided to channel their monthly corporate responsibility through one of their own starting from Model Orphanage, Awka.


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