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NACAMA president, Prof. Katchy, berates NLC over attacks on Ngige

NACAMA president, Prof. Katchy, berates NLC over attacks on Ngige - the minister, red cross chairman, Red Cross, red, prof, president, nigerian red, Nigerian, nacama, labour and, Cross

 By Mokwugwo Solomon


The National , National Complementary and Alternative Medicine Association, , . Peter Emeka Katchy, has condemned recent attacks on and intimidation of of employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, by the Labour Congress, NLC, describing same as an afront on the nation at large.

Katchy, while speaking in an audience participation program, ‘Press Review’ of the Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS, on Tuesday, said that NLC’s attacks on , including the recent invasion of his private residence in Abuja, which was supposedly to pressure to inaugurate Chief Frank Kokori as the chairman of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), was a lawless action; adding that the NLC’s approach was alien to labour laws.

He described the invasion of the minister’s private residence and threat to his life as criminal; including recent threat to subject the minister to international ridicule as a wrong step towards achieving their goals.

Katchy called on relevant authorities to call the NLC led by its , Ayuba Wabba, to order or face the wrath of patriotic citizens who will no longer tolerate the unending impasse.

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The boss noted that Wabba had no power to query any appointment by the Mr. President on the recommendation of the minister.

According to him, the NLC action “is unknown to extant and international labour laws guiding trade disputes and grievances. The illegal invasion in the guise of picketing the private residence of the minister, Dr. Chris Ngige, by 2:00 am, blocking his entrance gate with patrol laden tanker, is highly condemnable and should not be allowed in the country.”

“The appointment of any qualified Nigerian into political office at the federal level is the prerogative of the president or by the recommendation of the supervisory minister; in this case, the minister of employment.

“The provision of Section 4(1) (a) of the 1993 NSITF Act, vests the sole power to make recommendation for the appointment of the chairman of the board of NSITF on the president on the advice of the minister of labour and employment.

“The NLC invaders claimed that they were beaten by security operatives during the protest; but I will tell them that they deserved more than mere beating, because, their action was illegal and criminal.”

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Katchy said the NLC president and members of the union were not recognised by the NSITF Act to nominate or recommend any person for the position of the chairman of the board.

“Nigerians wonder where the NLC president got the powers to compel the minister to swear-in their preferred candidate as the chairman without presidential approval,” he said.

Citing the law establishing the NSITF, the chairman explained that Section 4(1)(b)(ii) of the NSITF Act gives the NLC the prerogative to nominate two representatives to the board of NSITF. He said such nominees must go through the recommendation of the minister to the president.



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