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Nwosu deserves special award for June 12 poll- Umeh


By O’star Eze

Senator Victor Umeh representing Anambra Central senatorial zone has called on President Buhari to honour Professor Humphrey Nwosu, chairman of the national electoral commission that conducted the June 12, 1993 election that was adjudged the freest and fairest election in Nigeria’s history.

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Speaking after receiving 2017 NUJ Man of the Year award recently in Awka, Umeh termed it a grave omission that the President did not honour Prof Nwosu alongside the presidential candidate, Late MKO Abiola, his running mate Abagana Kingibe and Gani Fawehinmi.

“During the plenary, I was meant to say that MKO Abiola, the presidential candidate, Abagana Kingibe, his running mate and Gani Fawehinmi who was very fierce in fighting for the restoration of that mandate.

“He made a grave omission by forgetting about the person who conducted the election, Humphrey Nwosu. Nwosu defied intimidation and was determined to announce the result of that election.

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Until soldiers swarmed on him and snatched the final result from him, put gun on his head and took him away.” Senator Umeh declared Prof. Humphrey Nwosu and his team in the INEC heroes of the 1993 election.

He stated that if “we are celebrating someone who won the election, we ought to celebrate the person who conducted the acclaimed fairest election in Nigeria.” “It is like in the village square where someone people are beating the drum while the masquerade is dancing. You praise the masquerade dancing and you forget those beating the drum,” he said.

He added that if we have come to the final admission that the 1993 presidential election was won by Abiola and the Social Democratic Party, it is now time to do things to move the country forward. The pro Igbo senator observed that what the president did was an admission that the country made a mistake in 1993 “when the freest and fairest election ever conducted by Nigeria was overturned by the military government.”

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“It hurt us so much but it motivated pro democracy groups to keep demanding for democracy which finally returned in 1999, although we didn’t return with a constitution made by the people,” he said.

Nwosu deserves special award for June 12 poll- Umeh - SEANTOR VICTOR UMEH; PROFESSOR HUMPHREY NWOSUNwosu deserves special award for June 12 poll- Umeh - SEANTOR VICTOR UMEH; PROFESSOR HUMPHREY NWOSU

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