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Outrage greets police salary payment crisis

Outrage greets police salary payment crisis - salary payment, salary, police salary, police, outrage

By Phil Okose, Onitsha

greeted s h o r t – p a y m e n t , non-payment or skip­ping of by the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System, IPPIS, a department in charge of payment in the office of the accountant general of the federation.

Consequently, some of the policemen allegedly affected in Onitsha, Anambra state, Asa­ba, Delta state and Owerri, Imo state, who pleaded anonymity, told Orient Daily that the prob­lem affected them seriously.

According to a senior officer in Onitsha, an assistant superintendent of (ASP) “it is not a state problem, it is a national problem that started since late February this year.

Many officers could not receive their salaries and when they ask why, they would be told Integrat­ed Payroll Personnel Informa­tion system (IPPIS) that are in charge of payment that it is no longer Mechanised Section, MSS that was formerly in charge of payment of ”.

Since they started this their payment it is no longer easy to receive salary; it is either you are short-paid or skipped for next month or that you don’t receive at all. Some of us are owed two, three and four months which has made it impossible for us to pay our children’s school fees.

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Also contributing, a police sergeant in Asaba stated that, “some commissioners of police down to the least recruit are also affected. It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Some­times when paying they will jump the month, they may pay you like this month and next month they will not pay you again, any month they feel like they pay and that is what we have been suffering from Febru­ary this year till date.

After the end of the month, we are not sure of our salary. Even sometimes, they do cut it, do short payment. Sometimes somebody who receives say N50,000 a month may be paid N3,000”.

In his contribution a deputy superintendent of police, DSP, in Owerri, hinted that, “you will just receive alert of N4,000 as your salary and if you call IPPIS in Abuja they will say ‘okay’ and if you get to Abuja to rectify it and come back the problem con­tinues. You will see many who came from very far to rectify it and at the end of the day, noth­ing happens. They will promise to pay but do not. It is not pe­culiar to Owerri or Anambra or Bayelsa states; it is a national disaster” he lamented.

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“Let them rectify it and pay us accordingly. There was a time they said those who have not received salary should bring their bank statement and we did photo copy and brought for on­ward submission to IPPIS Abuja through the MSS but we have not seen any improvement”.

It would be recalled that the Force Headquarters public rela­tions officer, Mr. Jimoh Moshood had earlier said that the police had fully migrated into IPPIS in compliance with the federal government financial reforms and that all the 42 MSS centres across the country had appoint­ed Desk Officers to receive com­plaints.

According to him to ensure prompt solution to all complaints that may arise, the command fi­nancials had been trained to re­spond to problems promptly.

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