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Sex worker delivers, kills her baby in Ebonyi

Sex worker delivers, kills her baby in Ebonyi - worker, the medical bills, the alex ekwueme, sex worker, sex, her baby, baby

By Sunday Agbo, Abakaliki

A commercial is now undergoing treatment under the watchful eyes of security operatives for allegedly committing infanticide in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital. Orient Weekend gathered that the unidentified lady in her late 30s was accused of murdering in the process of delivery on the ground that she could not afford .

The lady, who inflicted injuries on herself while trying to forcefully deliver the , was receiving treatment at Federal University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki (AE-FUTHA) under police presence.

A source close to the lady who spoke our reporter under anonymity alleged that the head and hands of the were cut off while the was trying to force the baby out of her uterus. According to the source, the lady had told her she was pregnant, but because she was plump, it was difficult to know how old the pregnancy was. She added that on that fateful day, they had gone out to drink during which the worker drank to stupor and when they returned home, she had gone to bed when she suddenly heard the cry of a baby and when she rushed to the scene, she saw the lady bleeding profusely owing to injuries she inflicted on herself.

She further discovered that the baby died in the process because the baby was also grasping for breath when she tried to rescue both the mother and the baby. Hear her: “What the lady did was to forcefully draw the baby from her uterus.

“I am suspecting she is a . I saw some of her friends; they have tattoos all over their bodies. They do not look responsible at all. The story is that they were out drinking, but the lady started bleeding when they came back because of excessive alcohol.

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“They said she lied to her friends that she was pregnant for three months, and because she was plump, you would hardly know she was pregnant.

“When she started bleeding profusely, the baby came out because I heard the cry of the baby. When I went to meet her, the baby was pushing to go, that is a kind of giving up that was when I noticed she was drawing the part of her navel. She was drawing it hard, but the placenta did not come out.

“At that point, I noticed there was danger because the baby has giving up. We went to the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki (FETHA), but the gate was locked. We went to FETHA II, the gate was also locked. It was when we were coming out that some security men told us that we should go back to FETHA I. That was when we went to the maternity section at Federal University Teaching Hospital where we were finally attended to. The doctor brought out the placenta while the baby was already dead.

“But, initially, she refused to be treated. When I interacted with her, she said she was not having money to pay for . The dead baby has been deposited in FETHA I hospital mortuary. The mother is receiving treatment under the watch of the police”, the source disclosed.

Ebonyi state police command public relations officer, SP Loveth Odah, confirmed the incident saying that when the police heard that the lady refused to be treated; the command prevailed on her and the hospital management to ensure she was given proper medical attention.

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She said the police had ordered she be kept in the hospital for medical attention until she fully recovered before the matter can be transferred to the state headquarters for further investigation.

She said, “a good Samaritan called and gave us information that a lady, while giving birth, cut off the head and the leg of the baby, but when I went to the hospital to see for myself, the head of the baby was not cut off and the hands were not cut off.”

“I saw a plump-looking baby, already dead because of the wickedness of her own mother. The police have ordered she should be kept in the hospital for medical attention for now until she gets well. The matter is still on. When she becomes strong, she can tell us why she decided to kill that baby.

“The hospital management, through the PRO, told me that the lady refused treatment, but I pleaded with the hospital that they should continue the treatment to save her until she gets well, when the matter will be transferred to the state headquarters for further investigation into the matter to actually know if that is what she does always”, stated.

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