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Sublimation : An escapist desperation in this year 2018

Sublimation : An escapist desperation in this year 2018

By Ehiogu Cyborg Emmanuel

The saying, ‘one thing goes at a time’ has become obsolete in this 21st century. Individuals do so many uncountable things together just to fast track their apathetic moments no matter how the supplementary findings may look or appear. Nowadays, facts and incontrovertible proofs have been thrown into the abyssal asylum because they are irrelevant to the people. What the masses care about are an immeasurably resplendent speeches, appreciations, accolades and handsels. Anyone who is not adhering to these appendages is seen as a nitwit, awfully characterised.

This prevailing world is quite different from the one our ancestors dwelled in. With the little I know, the days of yore were quite better in terms of morality. Despite the fact that our fore fathers were illiterates and barbaric in nature, they lived quite long. I was once regaled with the story of how these primitive men dawdled from one community to the

other in search of escapism, wife and other good deposites. Though there were no sophisticated hospitals or medical contraptions to cure them whenever sickness ensues, but they lived longer than the present people in the world who are bestrode with myriad and mammoth equipments, which not only assuage sickness or diseases but terminate it completely.

The essence of salvation which was brought to us by Jesus was submerged with complicity in 2017, life filled with unobtrusive larceny and heist. This is one prime thing that is performed either vicariously or directly, spontaneously or premeditatedly. Resolve is now built on the aisle of depravity and deviltry. Morality is thrust to the hind due to the intensification of the predilection for atrocity, evil is not circumscribed again but it circumnavigates like a speeding boat all over.

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It is of necessity for every individual to sublimate in this year 2018 for societal growth and sustainable development. Though it is not a cinch task but it is for the best. In the world today, there are innumerable objects that can serve as an amazing escapism, thus swerving the disheveled hands of deviltry to an exceptional phenomena of virtue. Most people today have eluded evil not because they are more spiritual than others but because they have vehemently chosen the rightful escapism, which can always supersede evil that comes. The scripture rightfully points out that whoever disengages himself from a moil as a daily grind has become the receptacle of the devil. Such an individual can never be in full control of his mind. As it is said that the devil walks stealthily on padded feet seeking for whom to employ. He can only be much interested to employ an idle man so that he(the idle man) can work diligently and tenaciously without any obstruction. This is the actual axiom no matter how one rigorously construes it. For instance, one who is seen as a kleptomaniac can always find an intriguing thing to do or place to be with people where he can abstain from such antic. And a man or woman who is seen as an addict of copulation can also find a wonderful thing to do and mingle with people of virtue in order to jettison such awful thoughts.

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If one gets totally submerged by evil without a proper escapism this year, then the individual becomes obviously elusive before his maker. This is elucidated as a metaphysical death, elusive death, someone is present yet invisible like a stupendous phantom. Despite the fact that people are in clover, they have most of what they want but they still live dependently on God. Now, the overarching question is why are people not living in conformity with the law of him whose aid they belatedly seek? This is however not a rhetorical question but a blatant and answerable one which when answered, can help to lift that albatross hanging around the necks of unbelievers in the year 2017. This will spontaneously act as the catalyst that help to bring the unbelievers cheek by jowl with the Holy Spirit.

Ehiogu Cyborg Emmanuel (Economic History, University of Ibadan).

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