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Atiku will get massive votes in Ebonyi- Ex-Minister

Atiku will get massive votes in Ebonyi- Ex-Minister - will get, votes, massive, get massive votes, get massive, for capital projects, Atiku

By Sunday Agbo, Abakaliki

A former minister of health for state, Hon. Fidelis Nwankwo has predicted that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar would get in Ebonyi state due to his popularity.

Nwankwo, who is the director general of divine mandate campaign organization of the People’s Democratic Party in 2019 general election, said in an interview in Abakaliki that PDP was talking about percentage win in the upcoming election.

According to him, the trillions of naira budgeted annually by the All Progressives Congress, APC, has no impact in Ebonyi State. “I have no doubt in my mind. What we should be talking about is percentage win now and not if we are going to win. And at the same time, we will try to make Ebonyi a place where the presidential candidate of PDP the highest percentage in the federation”, he said.

He described APC members in the state as blind since they cannot appreciate the developmental strides of Governor David Umahi. “Should we buy them eye glasses to see what the governor has been doing? So, if they don’t have eyes and cannot see well, we will buy them eyeglasses. I challenge them to open debate. I don’t know the party they belong to, but if you are talking of APC, I challenge them to open debate.

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“They should tell us what their party that controls the federal government has done to this state in the past three and half years because Ebonyi is part of Nigeria. If they have gotten so much trillions for a year , let’s divide that by 36, let them tell us where our own share has gone to. So, if they cannot see, I think they are blind.

“I will take them round and show them  the ones that are physical.I will explain to them and Ebonyians will listen to us and be the witness to know who is saying the truth. I challenge the opposition to open debate in both electronic and print media.

“We have grown past federal might and we won’t succumb to that psychological warfare. Democracy in this country has grown past such stage where you muzzle opposition. We outnumber them everywhere, so who is going to do that?

“We have professional security in Nigeria. Forget that these things happen sometime in the past, but it cannot happen in 2019 because we must make sure the power of the voters card is achieved. No policemen is going to write result for you; no soldier man is going to write result for you.

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“You cannot manipulate the card reader and we have what it takes to protect our votes by our knowledge of what election is all about. We cannot continue to have fragile democracy. No, we have matured. So whoever think they are coming to use the so called federal might should perish the thought. The power of the voters might is greater than any other might.

“This time around, our job has been made easier by the governor himself. He has not only performed creditably well, he has exceeded the expectations of the people in many areas”, Nwankwo stated.

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