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2019 elections: Anglican seer contradicts Mbaka

2019 elections: Anglican seer contradicts Mbaka - has chosen atiku, has chosen, God, Elections, Anglican, 2019 elections

By O’star Eze

Atiku – Prophet Dan


Okechukwu Daniel Udoka, is a computer engineer and an with proven claims of being able to see the future. He alleges that he has the grace to watch like a movie what would happen in future especially in the political sphere and recently contradicted Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka’s position on the fate of PDP Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar in the 2019 presidential election.

It would be recalled that Udoka, who refers to himself as a baby prophet, had mentioned in 2017 the outcome of Anambra State gubernatorial election, the first, second and third positions. He said he saw the grace that put Obiano there putting him back. He also said then that Buhari is still alive and that he was opportune to visit him in the hospital. These were published on Orient Daily newspaper few days before the November 11, 2017 .

He had said that if Buhari dies before 2019 then let it be said that he (Dan) is a false prophet. He said that the Buhari will live to witness the election but that the election did not favour him. That was where he stopped in his prophecies last year. Of course the rest was history.

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He also saw the outcome of US election that produced Donald Trump.

He has a new set of revelations concerning the 2019 . In his words, “I am privileged to watch it again. The least person not expected will take the position. Thank the person is coming closer. And he is no one else if not Atiku. And God said that Atiku will be better than the four administrations before him put together.


“He will use him to bring a new Nigeria. He will use him to start the good work. Any hands that will resist the young man from entering there might not live to see tomorrow.”

He told Atiku to go and celebrate and that he should seek the consent of God to guide him in his leadership when he assumes the position.


“If he consults God in all he does as a president, his leadership will be okay before God and man. He is the chosen one and the answer to the prayers of God’s people over the year.

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“God said I should tell his people that he heard them. The sin they would commit is to go to the polls and not vote him.

Dan therefore enjoined Christians, Muslims and those of any other religion or interest group to go out and vote for Atiku.

Speaking on Buhari, the prophet said that he loves President Buhari and have been praying for him. He however added, “I obeyed Buhari and never spoke ill of him. Buhari has every power to win the election. I saw a conflict. But God says because he Atiku, no power will stop him.”

“He said that Buhari has done his best but that He is sending Atiku who has more energy to do a greater work. “Nigeria is a difficult country to govern,” he admitted.


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