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Imo APC coalition urges Okorocha to accept Ihedioha’s victory

Imo APC coalition urges Okorocha to accept Ihedioha’s victory - imo apc, Imo, coalition, apc coalition, APC

By Damian Duruiheoma, Owerri

Members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Restoration in   State have advised the outgoing  governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha to forget about going to court to challenge the victory of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the last Saturday’s governorship election in the state.

In a communiqué signed by its convener, Dr. Theodore Ekechi and dozens of  others, the group described the victory of PDP and Emeka Ihedioha as the will of the people of the state, saying any attempt by the governor to challenge the people’s resolve in court would exacerbate the fury of the people.

Part of the communiqué reads thus:  “Governor Rochas Okorocha must be told that he lacks the moral standing to contest a people’s resolve to save a battered State from the stranglehold of his family.  He should forget the idea of challenging the matter in court as that will exacerbate the fury of a badly injured people. He should rather concentrate on the messy task of preparing his hand over note while devoting time in this Lenten season to seek the face of God on the very, very imminence of May 29.”

Recall that the Imo APC originally comprising mostly serving and former political appointees of Governor Okorocha, the outgoing governor of Imo State, had early last year at Imerienwe, Ngor-Okpala, raised the alarm that the way, manner and speed Rochas Okorocha was transmuting himself to an “emperor” portended great danger to the socio-political and economic life of not only Imo but to Igbo and Nigeria as a whole.

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The group however said “true to our prediction, Okorocha’s and his wife’s  inordinate ambition of imposing their errand-boy son-in-law on Imo people, coupled with his rudderless leadership of perfidy and not paying attention to processes and proceedings expectedly cost the APC not just the governorship seat but also national assembly as well as state assembly positions”.

The group lamented that Okorocha, gradually but steadily, metamorphosed from a “people’s governor” to a “tragic hero”.

“It was pathetic. In fact, an academia described Okorocha’s rapid decline from the shining height of glory to the despicable  dustbin of infamy as “a beautiful sore”.

“Diligently and dutifully, some of us who were close to him on the account that we worked in his administration, on numerous occasions, advised him against most of his anti people policies and openly counseled him against the syndrome of his self-exaggerated opinion of his popularity. But like the stubborn tsetse fly, he could only hear the voice of his even greedier, unforgiving and more ambitious spouse and therefore eventually ended in the grave along with the coffin.

“Probably, Okorocha’s greatest undoing was his laughable and nauseating attempt of brazenly foisting his errand-boy son-in-law who then doubled as his chief of staff as his successor, thereby reducing succession to a lowly, sexually transmitted process. Certainly, this was an insult to the sensitivity of every sane Imo citizen. Every attempt made to get Okorocha rescind his Uche Nwosu hallucination was greeted with unmitigated disdain and rebuff. By this time, Okorocha who had lost Imo peoples’ support remained foolhardy.

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He was rather a shadow of his former self yet became more emboldened and brazen, erroneously believing that with the accumulated Imo allocations in his kitty he could buy and bulldoze his way to Government House in a third-term-by-proxy project.

“Imo slid to a laughing stock. With the atmosphere dangerously charged and nobody (particularly, from within the party) challenging him, Okorocha with his willy-nilly family was almost coasting home with “my family, my family” agenda against the wish of a hoodwinked, stupefied and spell-bound citizenry.

The communiqué used the opportunity to congratulate Imo people on their typical resolve, resilience, courage, patriotism and sacrifices in characteristically taking their destiny into their hands.

“Imo people shunned the lure of stolen billions of naira from our treasury to stand down a vicious emperor who was instituting an undeserved dynasty unknown to the republican Igbo culture. Our people, our people we thank you for redeeming our dignity and self pride by shutting up and shutting out Okorocha and his greedy family out of Imo peoples’ lives. Never again shall we condone the breeding of this kind of rascally, irresponsible impunity in the governance of Imo State again”, he said.

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